Bentley Pond

We are very fortunate to enjoy a beautiful village pond in the heart of Bentley village. In 2019, the pond and surrounding area underwent an extensive renovation project to improve its quality and condition for wildlife and as a village amenity.

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust completed a survey of pond in July 2018, finding breeding birds and great crested newts.

The pond was re-designed to create a harmonious habitat for wildlife and the Bentley community.

Pond with duck house

Part of the project involved dredging the pond of congested silt. We also installed a dipping platform to enable prime viewing and enjoyment, as well as picnic benches and a life buoy. The ARC Trust team have been instrumental in clearing the surrounding area, as well as dedicated local residents.

Marginal plants were planted, and we waited for native species to establish before in-filling. In July 2020, we removed about 5 tonnes of weed, and in September 2020 the Epilobium was cut back to prevent it dominating the area, allowing other species to flourish.

An important addition to the pond was introduction of the duck house for our feathery friends, however, they have been a little over excited with their new residence by pecking the copper roof off!

River side

Please enjoy this wonderful, tranquil area and watch it mark the seasons with us.