COSY loans now available for energy help


COSY loans now available to cover the full cost of energy saving improvements

If you’re keen to improve the energy efficiency of your home but need help with the upfront costs, you can now apply for an interest free COSY loan from us to cover the full cost of improvements and spread your repayments over up to five years.*

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To apply for a loan, you’ll need to get at least two quotes and the loan will fund the cheaper of the two. If you’re not able to apply straight away, register your interest in the loan before 28 February 2023 and we’ll honour the current loan terms for your application until 30 April 2023, subject to funding being available.

If you’re on a low income or benefits, you may be eligible for a grant for the cost of energy efficiency improvements to your home. Visit our website to find out more.

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* Homeowners and landlords only. If you are renting, please contact your landlord. Loan secured against the value of the property. Your home may be at risk if you fail to make payments.